People Say

What Betty Goodwin said:  “Your portrait  ‘Sophie’s Red Hat’ is wonderful. It is more than a portrait. It is alive…..”

(The artist Betty Goodwin represented Canada at the leading international events—Tokyo International Print Biennial, 1974; Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, 1975; São Paulo Biennial, 1989; and Venice Biennale, 1995.

Other comments:

“The portraits are rich, loose and luscious – you convey the very essence of the personality or feeling through the painted surface – well done.”   K M (Toronto Gallery)

“Gorgeous work!!! What great energy and color.” M.L Toronto Gallery;

“I think the portrait of Mel is astounding. It captures both his gravity and his twinkle — no mean feat.”   Alisia Peres about Portrait of  Judge Mel Green.

I knew I wanted one of Susan’s paintings the first time I encountered her work. It was brunch at a friend’s house whose living room and dining room boasted two of her large colourful canvases. Just being in the presence of these paintings in which colour danced and cavorted cheered me up and energized me. Susan has a knack for artfully capturing the energy of her subject, She then somehow releases that energy in paint, so that it continues its life contained on the canvas. Her work is genuinely lively. The paintings feel alive and pulsing with vitality. I always enjoy looking at them because I feel they change as I change. I can converse with them.  Rosemary Dunsmore (actor)
“Susan is a spirited artist whose genial demeanor warmed our family into posing for photos for a family oil portrait. She painted several individual studies, consulted with us and then created the final masterpiece which now hangs in our livingroom, already a treasured family heirloom. Susan captured not only the likeness of each member of the family but our personalities also. ”  Yolanda Mak

“I have a painting of Susan’s because she has a colourful and dynamic sense of form and figure, which translates into a joyous and often soulful impression for the viewer. Her brush technique makes her paintings come alive. I am a strong admirer of her work and her professional passion.  ”  Whitney Smith

“I have purchased many Susan Stewart paintings over the years, and continue to display them with pride. Her work goes much deeper than her tremendous skill, evoking subterranean energies unseen by the naked eye. She captures an essence of life that vibrates from the canvas. ” Judith Cockman (writer/actor)

“What beautiful, inspired work. It’s stunning.  I looked all through your website, watched your video, eyed every painting. You are so very talented.  “Andrea Warren (musician)

“Susan has to date captured my children in six different portraits at different ages and in different moods with a skill and talent that exceeds by far even the most demanding requirements of a parent. I frequently spend prolonged periods of time looking at the portraits of my children and marvelling at the manner in which their essence was captured with great skill, creativity and humour. I will continue to commission Susan to paint portraits of my children until I run out of wall space! ”  Elspeth Williams (Lawyer)