Portrait Commissions

Portraits are a time-honoured way of documenting what is important in our lives..

From Kings and Queens to Mothers, Fathers, Grand-Ancestors
and Children, a unique essence is captured by a fine artist
for generations to come.

Working with the Artist

1) Formal sitting option
This is the classic approach to portraits used by the Masters. The individual comes to the studio for two sessions of at least three hours each. This can be a morning and afternoon or two different days.  A third session may be necessary though normally two is enough.

You are encouraged to sit comfortably and to take as many stretching breaks as you like. A mirror can be placed so you can watch the process. You can listen to music or a book on tape as you are painted. Or you can meditate.

2) Photo option
The artist takes a video of the people being painted (for more spontaneity) and then selects photos from the film to accomplish the portraiture.

3) Combination of one sitting and photos.


1/ OIL/Mixed Media on Geofilm (Mylar) or Canvas

(A) 20” X 24” Head, upper body, hands $5,000
(B) 18” x 18″ or 20” x 20” Head and shoulders  $4000

(C )LARGER including other elements $10,000

(D) Spectacular Progress Series $10,000


(A) larger size – Head, upper body, hands $ 4000
(B) 12” x 16” Head and Shoulders $ $3500

Pricing depends on medium, dimensions
and the number of people in portrait

Multiple Portraits

5% off 2nd portrait and 10% off 3rd and all additional portraits
an additional 5% discount for additional portraits if photo sessions are at the same time.

Group Portraits

10% off 2nd portrait and 15% off 3rd and all additional people in the same portrait using (B) pricing in each medium.

Framing and Delivery options

Though  price excludes framing, shipping and HST, framing can be arranged if required. Complimentary delivery in the Toronto area.

more questions?

Arrange a studio visit

On this website, you can browse works that are immediately available but if you can visit the artist’s studio, this is a wonderful part of investing in art. To see where the artist hunkers down and connects with the Muses is a window into a very special world.

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